The YouTube insult generator


In search of the perfect insult and keep getting stuck on “yo mama” jokes? Fear not, my grumpy friend, because The YouTube Insult Generator has a plethora verbal jabs for your anger-spewing pleasure.

This is a basically a "search engine for insults." Type in a search term, and it'll give you insults you can use against a person who doesn't like that term.

For example, enter "the godfather," and it'll give you "You sleep with the fishes," "You sleeps with horsehead in bed" and "You will get an offer you can't refuse." Enter "alfred hitchcock" and it'll say "You had your eyes plucked out by crows" and "You have Vertigo."

...How does this work? It uses the YouTube API to search for the top 50 most relevant videos for your search term. For each of those videos, it grabs the latest 50 comments. Then it looks through all that for comments starting with a number followed by a word such as "people," "youtubers" or "nincompoops." (View source for the full list, a regular expression that would make Alex Gaynor proud.) Finally, it just replaces the number and the word "people" with "You."


Full story at Holovaty.

More YouTube, less stupid comments.

Geniale applet web che genera commenti ridicoli per video di Youtube. Cioe': fa quello che fanno in genere gli utenti che lasciano commenti sotto i video di Youtube.

L'applicazione live qua (da provare):



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